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Welcome To My Home Page
i am a student at the National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe doing a degree in Environmental Science and Health.My aim is to promote environmental awareness to the people of Zimbabwe and also to engage myself in activities that are environmental positive.
List of courses being done
Environmental Science
Environmental Health
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Ecology
Principles of Environmental Education
Applied Statistics
Industrial Management
Introductory Ecology
General Chemistry
General Biology
General Microbiology
Preparatory Mathematics
Occupational Health therapy
Solid waste management

Have a heart
everyone is free to contribute

Environmental society
we, as students at the National University of Science and Technology we have formed our own society known as the NUST Environmental Society.our aim also is to raise awareness to the youths so that they grow to become responsible citizens.
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financial support
Our society is still starting and we are appealing to well wishers to donate funds so as to enable us to put up an office in town,to buy a computer and other resource materials and also for us to fund other activities we will be taking.

you can write a cheque addressed to:emiline Hlavanhu or make a deposit into the following account:CABS-9010535849

The world needs someone like you
So lets share the little resources we have and use the wisely so that the future generations will also benefit.
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